Little-Runner-Girl is…

Getting married!!

The Amazing Jeff surprised me on our trip to Vegas by booking a suite as The Cosmopolitan over-looking the Belliago water fountains.  See that shot of the fountain above?  I took it moments before he got down on one knee!

To be honest, I sort of knew it was in que.  Because the ring was my Grandmother’s.  she gave it to me on my 16th birthday.  My Grandfather purchased it for her sometime around 1945…and I had admired my entire childhood.  She eventually got an updated set and this one went into the jewelry box and later to me.  I had been dreaming of wearing it my entire life…and now it’s on my hand!!  TAJ did ask for it about a week or so after our last trip to Vegas, so I knew he was thinking about it but I so did not expect it on this trip!!

He was wonderfully romantic, and he kept this from me for nearly a month.  The suite was amazing, and he had spent the day before our departure working with the concierge to make sure that there was chilled champain and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us.  We arrived to the room just a few minutes before the last fountain show…and just after watching it from the balcony he handed me a the most beautiful love letter telling me all the things that he loves about me.  And just as I finished reading it he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I am now the happiest woman on the planet!

And we were not the only ones getting engaged in Vegas!  It just so happens that a fellow blogger, and now blend (blogger-friend) Ronda from Little Fruit Fly in Rainbow Colored Socks was also there with her Man-Friend and got engaged as well!  So we all got together for dual-engagement cocktails!

And now for the fun part…wedding panning!  So Wednesdays are now Wedding Wednesdays!  I will share some of the fun things we are planning, our ideas and great resources that I have discovered for all things weddings!

Happy Monday everyone!!


4 thoughts on “Little-Runner-Girl is…”

  1. OMG I LOVE Wedding Wednesdays!! I should follow suit and limit myself to only one post per week about it. I’m just so excited! And so excited for you. At my swim class after Vegas all the ladies were dying to hear my engagement story – so then I had to add in yours and it was basically one big YMCA full of squeals!

    1. YAY! Yes only 1 post per week…otherwise I will spend all my planning time blogging! I love that the ladies were excited for me too…especially since they don’t know me! LOVE IT! I am super excited for you tooooooooo!!!

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