Trying to keep my sanity

It is clear just from one week of planning that I might lose my mind over the next year.  But as I am only doing this once, I think the loss of my mind is a small price to pay…

or not.

But thankfully I have a great ally and resource for keeping my sanity!  A great friend saved the day yesterday when I had exhausted and eliminated a great many venues in the Metro area for budget purposes.

And so she saved the day and that is how I knew she was the one…

And if you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know that I call my Fiance “The Amazing Jeff” because he is my hero, my super hero.  And it became clear last night that my MOH would need to be my hero, and fix the day with a small action.  And that is exactly what she did.

Abby and I have been friends since sometime in 8th grade when we bonded, and got our nerd on over The X-Files and our mutual love of Agent Mulder.

She once cut close to 9″ of hair off my head.  That is trust!

She also takes the best pictures…

Clearly!  Any time we get together to celebrate Abby will be sure to ham it up for some of the funniest photos I own.

Plus she is one of the best pep-talkers I know…

It is hard to believe that this photo was taken only 3 years ago!  I look so young there!

Being a bride is stressful, and thanks to Abby…I now feel like I have the ability to manage this amazingly exciting step in life.


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