The Glo run recap!


The Glo Run!

The Amazing Jeff and I ran our first 5k together before we left for our amazing vacay in Vegas…where we got engaged!  I have done a few 5ks before, but this was TAJ’s first.


The Glo Run is done at night, with all participants decked out in glow everything!  Even our shirts were black light reactive!


There were SO MANY people.  So it started out as more of a fast walk, and not a run.


Yep…I’m pretty nerdy.


The black light sections were pretty cool, but there was a section that had a strobe light.  Yeah, not so much.  It was really disorienting!  I started out not feeling well anyway, but that just tipped the scale for me.  ugh.


We finished in just under 40 minutes, which was kind of a bummer for me, but like I said…too many people.  They should have done waves, rather than telling everyone to “Go” at the same time.  But it was super fun!


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