Wedding Wednesday: the dress!


Happy Weddingsday!

So I had made a decision, even before I got engaged, that I would be making my wedding dress.  My Mom made hers, and so I am going to continue the tradition and make mine.

Last week I went pre-shopping to take a look at fabrics, and see what is out there.  I have only gone to one store, but there are tons of fabric stores in the Metro that I want to check out before I commit to anything.

But the fabrics above are really beautiful!  I have not sketched out the design yet, but I will be working on that this week.  And before I buy and cut any fabric I will be making a mock dress in the same design with non-wedding fabric just to make sure that my design works.

Sadly, I won’t be sharing any of the design here…because the dress is going to be a surprise!  I don’t want to ruin it for my guests, and my hubs-to-be.  Although he is in on the surprise,  he will not be seeing the dress, hopefully, until I walk down the aisle!

How did you choose your dress?  Did you go shopping with all your girlfriends?


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