Wedding Wednesday: theme & scheme

Happy Weddingsday!  I am really starting to love Weddingsdays.  But in wedding planning…every day is a weddingsday.  Am I right brides?

Today we’re talking theme and color scheme.  How do you decide on a theme and colors?

Do you plan that around the season?  Holiday?  An interest that you share as a couple?  Should you pick your favorite colors or go with what is “trending” in weddings this season?

For me I am going with my favorite colors.  And taking some inspiration from the city where we got engaged.  Our colors are purples: violet, eggplant, periwinkle…and grey/silver.  And the reception plan is to make it sparkle!  Glitter, sliver, gold and anything that shines.

Other fun things for the reception:

A Photobooth stocked to the brim with props
ISpy…I love photography and I want my guests to take LOTS of pictures!
A surprise first dance that will be sure to make out guests cheer!
A candy/ sweets buffet

The only that will follow a theme per say are the groomsman’s gift; but I can’t say yet what they are J

I cannot wait for this party!  It will be the bash of a lifetime!


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