Are you ready for a challenge?!

I have decided to do the Isabody Challenge.  It’s a 90 day challenge, and I think that is the perfect way to end 2012.  I want to end the year, this year…my year of transformation, with the biggest challenge LRG has ever done.

Why is it so big?  Well…first off I will dramatically be changing my body.  And second it’s a national challenge and the prizes are, to say the least, awesome.  The grand prize winner receives $25,000, a makeover and a photo shoot, plus a free trip to the Isagenix Celebration and New Year Kick off…business training, personal training…fitness training…WOW.  Even the Top 3 will win 2Gs and a trip to Celebration and a CRUISE!  And as a bonus they will be doing monthly prize drawings, and everyone who completes the challenge is entered into a drawing to go on the cruise.  Um, I am in!

And now my challenge to you:

JOIN ME!  I want at least 5 people to join me in doing this challenge.  This was my year of no excuses and I want to end this year with a bang!  So I am asking you to join me today in this challenge.  Check out all of the rules and other fun stuff at  I know if you take this step you will be so glad you did!  In order to do this challenge you must be a preferred customer or an Isagenix Associate; and I can help with that!  Email me ( today to get started with Isagenix and the Isabody Challenge!


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