I am a badass…or at least I am going to be!

So The Amazing Jeff finally talked me into going back to Jujitsu this weekend!  I went once last summer…

And I honestly didn’t have a great time because I was not comfortable in my skin and had zero confidence in my abilities.

But as the months have gone by, and the pounds have dropped, and the finish lines have been crossed, I have reached a new level of confidence in myself and my strength.


I had a BLAST!  I got to do some kickboxing, and I got to roll with some great dudes.  And having such a great experience the second time around, it gave me a huge confidence boost!  And I am super excited to add Jujitsu to my training schedule for Isabody!  Every Sunday for the next few weeks you’ll find me at Sunday Funday at World of Self Defense/ Combat Jujitsu!

So now I need to invest in a few supplies to keep me safe:

  • A new mouthguard…the one above is TAJ’s and a bit too big!
  • Gloves
  • The fun fabric to wrap my hands in
  • Shin guards….owie.

I seriously had a blast, and cannot get it outta my head!  If you are in Minneapolis and looking for a new fun way to get some exercise…check out Jujitsu!!






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