Wedding Wednesday: dreams or nightmares…

So I am hoping that any of you brides out there can identify with this…

Wedding nightmares/dreams… they are insane no?

So the first one I had involved a bad haircut weeks before the wedding.  I have pretty long hair, and in my dream the stylist cut over 9 inches off of my hair.  YIKES!  Only one person has ever done that!  My MOH!

This one on Monday night…it was strange to say the least.  It was the wedding day and I could not find my groom; my parents were re-arranging the centerpieces because they didn’t like how they looked.  None of my ‘maids were in sight but I was surrounded by a bunch of women that I didn’t know.  Finally about 5 minutes before the ceremony was to start I decided that I should get ready…and had a GASP moment: I forgot to make my dress!  AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!  I woke up in a panic!

Oh my gosh…forgetting to make my dress!  Insanity.  I hope to have all of those “everything is wrong” dream totally out of the way well before the actual day.

Brides…what was your funniest/strangest/craziest wedding dream?


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