Kick Butt…

Yesterday I had a training appointment with Patrick at my gym. I wanted to focus on core mainly, because I have been feeling a little thick in the middle thanks to poor food choices. And because Patrick is so awesome he adding in some leg stuff too.

And this is what I did…


And today I feel like I got the crap kicked outta me.

And so every time I get frustrated about how sore I am today, I am going to remember why I made that appointment. I am going to remember that I have put off, made excuses for, or only went half-assed to the gym for the last 6 weeks.

And not to mention that kickboxing class on Friday night…that my friends is a lethal combination!  I am excited to start this week with that momentum and keep in going.  I needed a jump start this week to get me back on track and boy did I ever get one!  I have muscles that are sore that I didn’t even know I had!

And today…I am off to the Wedding fair!


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