Big Booty Challenge

Let’s talk glutes.

Having a strong bottom is more than just for looks.  Having a strong toned rear is important if you want to rev your metabolism.  Why?  Well, your glutes, hammies and quads are the largest muscles in your body.  And in order to tone these, yes… you must do squats, lunges and change it up often.

I want to focus on my bottom line for the next few weeks, along with core to whittle my waistline and bring on the booty.  Join me in this 3 week Big Booty Challenge.

You will notice this is a slight variation from the training schedule for my Isabody Challenge, but I am still sticking to it for the most part.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • 3 weeks of circuits, I will post the run down once, detailing each move and if I can link back to the original source.
  • I will link to the original circuit post each day so that in case you missed it you are able to locate the circuits moves.

P.S.  There is still time to sign up for the Isabody challenge!  Click here to find out more and sign up today!


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