Wedding Wednesday! More dress fabrics…

Happy Weddingsday!

There is a place…

Where every crafty, sewing inclined, or trim obsessed person can get lost…

And that is S.R. Harris Fabrics.

I headed out there over the a few weekends back to check out some tulle for a tutu order for a Team in Training Teammate and figured I’d check out some of the white fabrics for the dress and I found quite a few that I love!







I cannot wait to make my dress!  I know it will be an undertaking, and probably stressful, but I know that I will not be able to find a dress for less than how much this dress will cost me: under $200.  Well, I am sure I could, but it will look like it cost me $200, and my dress is going to look like a $5000 dress for sure!



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