Big Booty Challenge: Itty Bitty Tummy

Day 4!  How are you doing with the Big Booty Challenge?  Are you keeping up with me?  Don’t give up, the first few days are bound to be the hardest, and if you can only manage one set of these right now…you’ve got 2 more weeks to kick it up a notch.  I know that you are doing great!

Today we are giving your legs a break and spending some time working those abs!

This one comes from The Haute Bunny, check out the instructional photos for more info if you are unsure how to do each move.  I have added a few moves to this original circuit because I know that I can push to do more, and I want results.  And also 40 Russian twists are a piece of cake for me nowadays.  60-70 would be a challenge!

The cross body punches go as follows: Sit in the Russian twist position, legs up with the two hand weights up by your chin.  Twist your torso to the right and extend your left arm across your body; return arm to start position repeat with right arm across to the left side.  This is one rep.   As you twist you will be punching across your body, so remember to follow your punch with your whole upper body.  This is KILLER.  My whole entire rib-cage was sore for 3 days after 3 sets of 20!

Plank twists are similar to mountain climbers.  But as you bring your leg up, do no touch the ground; twist your hips across your body.  This is a great plank variation and an oblique crunch at the same time.

To recap our BBC so far…

Smith Machine Meltdown

GNC Lean Legs

Sexy Legs & Best Butt

This is the last new circuit in the challenge, if you’ll notice I have kickboxing on my schedule this week.  I take a kickboxing class from World of Self Defense/ Combat Ju-Jitsu with TAJ.  He has been going for years and if you’ll remember finally talked me into going back…and oh what fun we’ve had!


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