3 Things Thursday…

I have not done a 3 Things Thursday in a long time, so I figured it was due!

1. Pumpkin hummus is my new favorite thing. ever.

I got it at Whole Foods…sneaky bastards put it out with their homemade chips to sample, so I had to buy it.

2. My 2nd Boot Camp at The Fixx was…in a word: awesome.

It was just me and Coach Jan this time…and she had me doing crazy shit! I was hitting a tire with a sledgehammer, tricep dips, planking all over the place, kicking a bag, running down the street with a sandbag over my head, around my neck… and even a bit of TRX training. I might be dead tomorrow.

3. I just registered for my next race. The Drumstick Dash 10k on Turkey Day.

I needed a new race, and a 10k sounds like a great distance, and since we won’t be hosting Turkey Day until that weekend, I am free to race!  And now to make tutus!!

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!





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