Big Booty Challenge: Itty Bitty Tummy week 3

This is the last Itty Bitty Tummy circuit of the challenge…so I urge you to step it up on this one today!  If you can do 30 crunches per set…do 30.  If 50 Russian Twists are too easy…go for 70!


Instead of a :30 plank…hold it for as long as you can!  The burn means it is changing your body!  But you know…don’t over do it!  Do what you can but I urge you to push a little harder this week and really you will see changes in your body!

I am kind of excited to share my results after this challenge!  I snuck in some measurements this weekend, to check my progress, and I have lost inches, or fractions of inches all over!  Can’t wait to share!


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