Wedding Wednesday: oh the stuff…

Happy Weddingsday!

Brides…is it just me or is there a lot of stuff involved in getting hitched?

From the favors…


to the frames…


to the massive amount of junk mail and planning books…


I am swimming in stuff!!!!!

But the most awesome part is that so much of this stuff has been given to us!  By either my parents or friends.  And that is a HUGE help!  Our budget is small, but our love is grand…and so I want to show that in an event that I nor my friends and family will not soon forget.  But….so much of those grand wedding details cost way too much money.  So I put the word out that I was looking for

  • Frames
  • Antique cameras
  • twinkle lights
  • Lanterns

And I’ve gotten bunches of things in return.  I am pretty excited at the savings so far as these things are all being borrowed, or found for practically nothing.

I know that this is jut the beginning of the stuff, and that there will be more to come in the months that follow…I am just not sure where we are going to put it all!!  I have not even purchased the dress fabric, invitation supplies, or the other fun things like the photo booth props and supplies…uffda.

Brides…where are you storing all of you stuff?



2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: oh the stuff…”

  1. Wedding favors have been the big thing on my mind lately. They are strange to me, but I guess it’s what you are supposed to do.

    For storage I picked up 4 big totes on Black Friday (buy 1 get 1!!!). So now they are filled with disco balls, candle holders, picture frames, feather boas, sequins …. you get the idea!

    You’re having a photo booth??? We wanted one but can’t seem to find any that are anywhere close to our town. So I’m working on something else utilizing an Instax camera, Vegas sign and props!

    1. I got a great deal on totes at Home Depot that weekend too! Mine are filled with twinkle lights, picture frames, and antique cameras!

      I will be setting up the booth myself, there is no way I am paying for a photog to come out and do that for $500. I think I can talk a few guests into taking charge of that!

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