Big Booty Challenge: Smith Machine Meltdown week 3 Round 2

Like yesterday, I am going to urge you to push a little harder today on this Smith Machine Meltdown…start at +45 or 50 this time…I know you can!  But keep adding +5 with every set…you are strong and you have been doing this circuit for 3 weeks now.  I know that you can push yourself.  I know that I can push myself too!


We are in the final days of this 3 week challenge, so I will tell you that next week is a rest week, or an easy week for me.  The Amazing Jeff has vacation, it’s Thanksgiving plus the ‘rents Anniversary, and my Pop’s birthday…all in the same day! Plus a big family shindig that Saturday…there is no way I will be able to stick to a solid plan between all of the cleaning, and cooking that will occur in my house over the next week.  So really push it this week with the rest of the workouts and then enjoy the Holiday next week!


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