Armed & Fabulous!

I am so happy that my November Big Booty Challenge went so well!  I had a ton of fun doing it and well, now I got a big booty!

I was so happy with how it went that I have decided to do another challenge to finish out the 2012 year.  And this one is upper body focused.  The challenge starts Sunday December 2nd and there is a workout almost every single day, but please do not attempt these everyday if you are not 100%.  Listen to your body and take rest days as needed.  I purposefully built-in easy days so that if I am not at 100% I can take it easy.

Yeah…welcome to the gun show!

So…here’s how it will work:

  • I will post the rundown of each circuit in the morning with links to the original, if it’s not one of mine, with instructions if needed.
  • You will notice that each week is pretty different, but there is one main circuit for the week, along with a supplementary workout and a second circuit.
  • Each day’s workout will involve a warm up run of 2-3 miles, and a cool down run of 2-3 miles unless noted. (LSD, Sprints, and KOB’s will be discussed on the day of)
  • POP UP CHALLENGE!  You will notice that there is a pop up challenge once a week for the last 3.  They may be a push-up challenge, a squat challenge, or even a plank challenge…who knows!  Just be ready!
  • We will have very awesome arms by New Years Eve!  Which rules because I will be making a sexy strapless dress for a very swanky NYE party downtown this year!

Are you ready to be Armed & Fabulous?


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