Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox

I was watching the Dr. Oz show a few weeks ago and there was a segment on his 3 Day Detox cleanse.  So…I figured I’d give it a go…

My first tip: don’t do this in the fall.  It was challenging, and very expensive to run around to find all of the fruit I needed.  But, getting the lavender oil for free at Whole Foods makes up for that.

I didn’t do this exactly the way the plan shows…why?  Well, because I was also in the middle of a 9 Day Deep cleanse and getting tired of salads for lunch.  So I figured I’d go with smoothies.  But…I was disappointed with the “smoothies” being very thick, and with no ice or anything frozen being called for it was like salsa!  Or really strange jelly in the case of the breakfast “smoothie”.

Anyway, I wasn’t impressed overall, and ditched this plan after a few days because the smoothies just weren’t great.  And I am all about the smoothie!  But my recipes are more to my liking.  But I am not too heart broken.  I did buy fruit that was a bit more spendy than I’d normally keep in the kitchen, so I had to be creative to incorporate them in order to keep from throwing them away!  But most of the items I just threw in the blender with my Isagenix shakes for a new flavor.

So it wasn’t a huge success, but hey I am down to give anything a go at least once!


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