Armed & Fabulous Day 2: 10 Day Plank Challenge & Tank Top Arms

Day 2 and off to a great start!  I was able to do my plank challenge 3 times yesterday, for :30 each!  Usually by the 2nd one I am really angry…because I hate planks!  Almost as much as burpees.  I found today’s circuit on Pinterest, and really like the flow of it so I had to add it to this series.  Also, remember in the post from last week, that these workouts involve a warm-up run and a “cool-down” run.  I say “Cool-down” because by then end of this you may not have much gas left to go all out but that is ok!  I love pushing myself at the end of the work out to run and chip away at time pace from the warm-up run just to see if I can beat it.  But if you are not a runner, hit the elliptical, bike or just push yourself for a brisk walk at a 4.0.  The point is to get that heart rate up, and warm up for body to get ready for these circuits.

Today: Tank Top Arms

Tank Top Arms



Day 2 of the 10 Day Plank Challenge

10 Day Plank ChallengeLike I said yesterday, I plan on doing the planks up to 5 times a day.  So keep at it!

Please report your progress here!  I would love to hear how everyone is doing this month with this new challenge!


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