Armed & Fabulous Day 4: GNC Toned Arms & 10 Day Plank Challenge

How are those triceps and biceps feeling today?

If they feel like mine, then I know you are feeling those last few workouts!  But remember that by then end of the week you are going to be seeing some major results if you stick with this!

First up: Plank!

10 Day Plank Challenge


You should be able to hold that plank for 1:15 today!  I was able to do my plank 5 times yesterday, and oh boy was that rough!  I was shaking and cursing myself for planning this series.

And the workout, the GNC Toned arms again today.  Remember if you can get through the circuit 6 times today way to go!  If you can only do the 4 as per the video that’s great too!  The idea is to push yourself and rise to the challenge.  My hope is that by the end of the week you are able to say “Last week I couldn’t do that”, after doing it!

GNC Toned Arms


The other day I sat down and made my motivation/inspiration board for 2013, and wrote down some goals for next year.  I am super excited to say that there are some BIG ones on the list.  There is one goal that may take me the entire year to train for and the event will only last about 48 hours.  It is so far outside of my comfort zone that I will need some serious coaching to achieve it.  Stay tuned for that post later this month!

Tomorrow: Tank Top Arms


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