Wedding Wednesday: Christmas come early!

I got some early gifts last week from my Mom and Pop…



I got: A new sewing machine, serger, dress form and a case/bag for the sewing machine!  I can now go shopping for fabric for the dress and can then begin to drape and pin it to create the most perfect wedding dress ever.  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.




I am very, very, very excited about this dress form!  I am pretty sure that this form will be perfect and will allow me to make my Maid’s dresses too!  I had planned on making a dress form, I found a tutorial on youtube, but this is by far much easier than doing that!  Thanks Mommy!




I’ve never used a serger before, so this will be an adventure!



I do need to learn to speak brother…I started using it last week to prep for the Craft Show I was at this past weekend but Brother and I were having some communication issues.  So I relied on Ol’ Jan to help me get ready.  Apparently all she needed was a little competition to get her groove back!




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