Armed & Fabulous Day 9: 10 DPC, Smith Machine & Back Blaster

Oh how unpredictable mother nature can be!



I think in total we got just about 10.5 inches between Saturday night and Sunday Morning.  Ga-ross…

Needless to say it threw a huge wrench in our plans for Sunday.  But let me back up…

So Saturday I had registered to run a quick little 10 miles with this great little event called the Doughnut Day 25k, and then my class at The Fixx at 11 am.  Well, that didn’t happen because…



Crap.  I was really looking forward to that class and getting that book this week!  But such is life with my silly little brain that doesn’t remember to set any alarms!

Then with all of the snow we were not leaving to trek across the entire Metro area for class that was eventually canceled anyway.  So The Amazing Jeff and I just rolled in the living room, working on wrist grabs for the Orange Belt chart.  So eh, not the active weekend I had in mind, but hey we got stuff done.

And now for today’s workout

Day 9 of the 10 Day Plank Challenge

10 Day Plank Challenge


And I am resurrecting a familiar workout from The Big Booty Challenge today

BBC Smith machine


And a new one too!

The Back Blaster

Armed & Fab v2 Back Blaster


Enjoy!  And Happy Monday!



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