Armed & Fabulous Day 11: GNC Lean legs/Bis Tris & Abs oh my!

Another day another new circuit! And an oldie, but a goodie!

So yesterday I traded my planned circuits for a boot camp at The Fixx, and it was crazy as usual!

The Fixx!


She had me doing new stuff again!  I got to pull and push a sled, pop-overs…and even some Pilates in the cool down.  I freaking love this studio…it has everything I have ever wanted to do.

The ropes!


It has ropes, and tons of other new & exciting equipment.

Mats, sand bags and med balls oh my!


Today’s circuits are going to be awesome, and a total body workout!  But I am going to take a rest day today because I am  oh so sore from the boot camp yesterday.

First up one you should be familiar with

GNC Lean Legs

BBC GNC lean legs

This was my favorite and most results driven circuit from the Big Booty Challenge from November. Adding those jumping jacks made it even better! And if you’ve looked ahead at the week you’ll see those jumping jacks might come in handy later!

And da-duh-da-da…a new fun circuit: Bis, Tris, and Abs oh my!

Armed & Fab v2 bi tri ab oh my

There is a great video on YouTube that explains 21s. But if you are unsure how to do anything look it up before doing it.

I also had sprints on the schedule for today…and jumping jacks! Do 5 sets of 100 jumping jacks throughout the day. If you can crank out 5 sets all in one workout that is awesome! But I know I can’t. So I will do mt sets throughout the day to keep my heart rate up all day to burn the maximum calories that I can! The next few days of circuits will be tough, but I know that you can do it…so stick with it!

You may have noticed the “pop-up Challenge” on Saturday…this week we are working on all of the tools that you will need to ace this challenge! It’s gonna be a doozy!


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