Wedding Wednesday: Invites

A few weeks ago I ordered some free invite samples from the Wedding Paper Divas…and found some that I really like!

Wedding Paper Divas!


The Finalists

The wine themed one is perfect!

The Winner!

It’s simple, and one that I can make myself no problem…and I will be able to enjoy some great wine while I make them!  And each and everyone will be different!  Perfect!

All about the details

But my Mom got a great deal at a local thrift shop on 4 boxes of 25 invites for less than $25!  They are the print-em-yourself type so I am hoping that I can do something with them along the wine theme.  And if I can’t them there is always ebay or craig’s list…Because I seriously loved that invite as soon as I opened it.  And that is what I want.  🙂

How did you decide on your invites?  Did you/are you making them yourself, or did you break the bank and order them from the printer?


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