Armed & Fabulous Day 12: Lotsa Lats/ Blazing guns

It’s Friday Eve!  And I am walking on sunshine today!  I had to get up bright and early today for an interview at Lululemon!  I really hope that it works out because well, their stuff is awesome, and a job would be lovely.

And now I am all ready to head out to the gym for my workout!  So here are the circuits!

Lotsa Lats

Armed & Fab v2 Lotsa Lats



And the Blazing guns

Armed & Fab v2 Blazing guns


I am probably going to suck at these today because my arms still hurt from Tuesday’s boot camp at The Fixx with Coach Jan.  But I am going to do my best.  If I can’t do these then I may do yesterday’s leg stuff.  Or some fun new plyo moves I have picked up.  But the jumping jacks are still on the table, and will be tomorrow too to get ready for Saturday’s Pop Up Challenge!


Alright folks…off I go!!  Have a wonderful day!


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