Armed & Fabulous Day 15: The end…and a HUGE announcement!

So I had this great post all written up for you for yesterday, including the pop-up challenge…and then I had to cancel it because I knew that I would not be able to do the challenge with you.  Which was a bummer…but I am going to post the pop up challenge now…


You should have been doing those 5 sets of 100 jumping jacks the last 3 days meaning that you hammered out 1500 jumping jacks in three days…but can you do 1500 TODAY?  Do 16 sets of 100 jumping jacks today and we will call the pop-up challenge complete!

So, now for the reason that I was unable to do the workout and pop-up challenge…

Little-Runner-Girl is now a full time lululemon educator!  I had my first day yesterday and it was wonderful!  I love this company, and I love my new co-workers!  Everyone is so awesome, and welcoming.  This is going to be a great adventure, and I cannot wait to learn more and share this passion that I feel swelling with our customers and my team.


Tonight we are getting together to set goals for 2013…and I already have my goals set!  I am excited to meet more of my team.

And I have decided that this will conclude the Armed & Fabulous Challenge.  With my new job, and studying for the CPT scheduling workouts might be a bit trickier and I have some new challenges for the new year which include:

30 Days of yoga

30 Day Run Streak

30 Days of Insanity

And many more!  They will be much simpler  and more focused on balance.  I’ve gotten a few chapters into my textbook and based on their training plan building skills I am redesigning my training plan in order to reach one of my goals for next year…that fitness competition!


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