Why oww gee eh? (yoga)



2 days in, I am really sore.  So sore in fact that I could not get comfortable enough to sleep much at all last night.  But!!  That is not going to deter me from going to a C2 heated class this afternoon.  I plan on taking it easy and go at my own pace.  I think the temp will help loosen up my muscles and get rid of the ache.

I also spent a few minutes planning out classes around my work schedule to ensure that I have everyday covered for the remainder of the month.  It is quite diverse with sculpt, C2, C1 and even a hot yoga class!  I think this 30 days of yoga is off to a fantastic start.  I am so excited to see where this new adventure takes me, and how it will help me on my journey.

rainbow yoga mats


This picture just made me happy…so I had to share 🙂


You may have noticed that I missed my usual “Wedding Wednesday” post yesterday…but I didn’t miss it.  I just have nothing new in the works wedding wise!  At least nothing I can share yet 😉  Hopefully I will have some new projects in the works over the next few weeks!


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