My thoughts on a 6 am yoga class…



…are that it’s very early, not crowded, and quite peaceful.  So my 30 Days of yoga is in full swing as I completed my 4th day of yoga at a 6 am heated C2 this morning.

Day 4


I really am enjoying this time for myself.  Now that I am working full time it’s going to take much more planning to ensure that I am able to get in a workout everyday, and come summer 2-a-days.  But I am really, really loving yoga.  I do hope to push this streak far past 30 days…as the CPY in Minnetonka will be starting their teacher training in February ..and this little runner girl is considering signing up.  But I want to complete my 30 days prior to signing up for this.  Just to make sure that I feel confident in my practice.

So yesterday I had my first heated C2 at noon, and it was wonderful!  I had wished that the class had been earlier because I felt so energized and refreshed afterwards.

Day 3

I encourage anyone who has not tried yoga to give it a go.  It will challenge you, and bring you to a new place of self exploration.  I feel so at peace in my practice, and refreshed, energized, and just happy.

Have a wonderful Friday!


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