The broken yoga streak continues…

Well folks…I know I said yesterday that I would be headed out to yoga after work..however due to the really awesomely unpredictable weather here in Minnesota, I was unable to do so.

It can only slow until January 1st!

And that is because I was so shaken after an “almost-accident” that I just needed to come home.  The roads were very slick, and it was a true showing of idiots on parade as at least a half a dozen cars were driving with no headlights well after dark, and my almost accident consisted of someone pulling out in front of me and I being unable to stop had to “share” my lane with a jerk in a large truck.  (TDS?  I think yes)  They then chose to ignore my honking horn and continue to speed away from the scene of what could have been an accident and then as I followed them in hopes of them pulling over so that we could assess the potential damage, the proceeded to run a very red light.  I did not because I am a law abiding citizen.  But I did get their plate number and I am going to rain a whole heck of a lot of fury down on them.  Not cool dude!!

But then my sisters-in-law Beth and Camilla ventured up to our house last night as Cam flies home to sunny Florida today…boo.  I am jealous.

But about the broken yoga streak, I just spent the last hour time blocking my calendar and I have a class on my schedule everyday, so I do plan on sticking to that.  I am going to be very busy, but hey…busy is GREAT!

Have a great Friday everyone!!


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