Hot yoga. Oh yeah, I’m a “Hottie”.

I finally went to my first Hot Yoga class this past Sunday.

Hot yoga

And it was hot.

And apparently according to the 2 instructors at the desk, the hot yogis are called “Hotties”. Yeah, I like being called a hottie.

It was a 90 minute class, and I killed about 450 calories. Needless to say it’s on my schedule again for Saturday.

CorePower to the people!

The room is heated to about 105 degrees and we went through 26 poses 2 times each.  It was an intense workout and I was so sweaty I had a hard time holding some of the poses because my hands would slip off my arms or legs.  Not to mention that some of the poses really, ahem…loosen you up.  I feel like between the sweating and the trips to the necessary room in the hours after class I might have lost 10 pounds!  Well, not really…but I felt awesome and was ridiculously chatty the rest of the day.  Thank you endorphins!!

Speaking of Sunday, The Amazing Jeff & I also celebrated my birthday that night!  We wanted to do it up Vegas style, which had it not been flipping cold as Antarctica outside, it may have been that fun.

Livin it up at the Hotel Minneapolis!


We got this great room at the Hotel Minneapolis, right downtown and then proceeded to bar hop!  Well, there was not much hopping as it was freeeeeezzzzzzing outside.

But check out this dress!

I look like a disco ball!!


Up close it looks like chain mail!



When is my birthday you ask?  January 1st…and we partied like it was…well 2013!!

photo bomb



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