What is a Fitness Competition?

So what is a Fitness Competition??

Fitness and Figure competition is a class of physique-exhibition events for women. While bearing a close resemblance to female bodybuilding, they emphasize muscle tone over muscle size. (Source)

Now, there are 4 main divisions for women.  And Oxygen magazine has a great slideshow that breaks down these divisions to explain exactly what each division entails.  Not to mention great resources for how to wow the judges, & a list of must-dos.

For me, I feel the best way to enter into this world, is to start with Bikini.  From the Oxygen slideshow:

What is…Bikini?

You’re a good candidate if: you have a toned, fit body, but don’t have any deep muscular cuts or heavy definition. “A Bikini competitor has tightness and curves but not a lot of muscle,” says Tanji. “In fact, they get marked down if they look too athletic.”

Physique: toned, fit

Number of rounds*: One to two: bikini with no mandatory poses, sportswear

*Note: Each sanctioning body has different rules and regulations. Check their individual websites for more detailed information.

And here is what that looks like…

bikini image


Not overly muscular, but toned and low body fat.

And there are lots of rules…and standards.  Which is to be expected.  And rules work for me.  Then I know what is expected of me.

I still have a lot of research, and prep work to do before I settle on a show in particular.  But I am very excited to push myself and do this!!


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