Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Cleanse, Bridal Diets…or how to make a crabby bride.

I have a Bride friend that will be saying “I Do” very shortly and even though she is teeny tiny she felt like she needed to do a “Bridal Cleanse”…and guess what?  It made her sick!

There are tons of companies, and sites out there boasting a “Bridal Cleanse” or “Bridal Diet”…and I gotta tell ya…

They are crap!

They are not healthy, and quite often not safe.  Like the things some of the women in this NY Times article did to fit into their dresses.

But there are a few that have good reviews, however written by journalists in fashion mags, who undoubtedly receive free products, and are compensated for their time by the company they are reviewing.  It happens, we all know it does.

In my research I discovered BluePrint Cleanse, which I had researched and shopped…and even added a 3 day to my cart but I just could not cough up the ridiculous amount of money for 3 days of juice.  The Bridal Package starts, starts at $350 for 6 days of juice.  Um no.  Not when I own a juicer, and can do the same thing at home, and get fresh juices with my own hand-picked ingredients…for about half that cost.

I have done the juicing thing before…with a blender and a paint strainer bag.  It was a pain; but that was pre-juicer.  But then…I found Isagenix and their 9 day system.



I much prefer this system as a means of cleansing and replenishing than the juice for 3,6 or 36 days.  I think I might be a very cranky bride not eating any food.  The only way I would do that kind of deep cleansing is if I had been eating nothing but junk, and fast food or processed food for months at a time.  And even then, I don’t think it would be a good idea.

Clearly I am an Isagenix fan, and avid daily user.  I will be using Isagenix to train for my first bikini competition this year…and I know that this company and it’s products will be part of my everyday lifestyle and not just a fad thing that I do to see results in a hurry.


Did you do any kind of “diet”, cleanse or otherwise to get ready for your big day?  Need help ensuring your fit into your dress?


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