Getting Lucky!

Finally a post about running!!  It’s been awhile I know.  I have quite a few races on my calendar this year, and this is my first go round with the Get Lucky.  And I am really excited for this one being an Irish girl myself!  And the race is the day after TAJ’s birthday…the big 3-0!  I gotta plan something big this year.  But I am not sure what to do yet!!

This morning was early packet pick up for the Get Lucky triple 7k! I am super excited for my first half marathon of the year!



It was quite busy!  Everyone was excited about getting their gear early…and that coveted hoodie!



Hellooooo Mr. February!!



Now that I’ve got my bib, and gear it’s official and I need to get more serious about my training as the race is 5 weeks away!  I am hoping to beat my time from the Women’s Half I ran in August.


I love this hoodie for 2 big reasons…one the thumb holes!!



And the fact that it is an EXTRA SMALL (wooooooooot!!!)  and that means that TAJ won’t be able to steal it!  Ha.  Take that baby!



Have you planned your race calendar yet?  What is your first race?


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