Introducing: The bump





Meet The Bump.  The bump, meet everyone.

The Bump, TAJ and I are all getting along great.  Except for the nausea, and the exhaustion we are doing great.  But we still don’t know a due date!  The Doctor, the nurse and I cannot figure out the timetable, so we are very anxious for the ultrasound next week to find out how old The Bump is!

Once the ultrasound is out of the way then it’s off to meet the Midwives!  I feel very confident with my decision to go with a Midwife.  But the hard part may be the status of my “risk”.  Due to my previous history in the reproductive department I may be considered high risk, which puts me right in the path of a c-section.  And I will do everything in my power to avoid that, having already had a similar surgery and being more than familiar with the recovery, I absolutely do NOT want to do that.  It may also eliminate my preferred delivery method: water-birth.

Needless to say I have been researching, reading and watching all things baby, pregnancy and delivery.  So over the next few weeks I will be reviewing some baby related documentaries, books and articles in an effort to edu-mom-cate myself, and TAJ.  Tonight we are going to a Hyponobabies event here in the Minni-apple.  I am excited to check it out, meet some doulas, and find out more about the Birth Experts Loft, and their prenatal yoga classes and education!

Happy Friday everyone!

How did you handle the first few weeks after finding out you were plus 1?  Do you have any favorite Mommy-to-be resources?


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