Oooh baby baby, oohh baby baby!

This morning TAJ and I had our first ultrasound and got to see The bump for the first time!

The Bump

I am 7 weeks and 1 day…which means that this little dude or dudette will be arriving sometime around October 23rd!  But seeing as it’s part me and part Holmberg…I fully expect to go later than that.

As soon as the Radiologist put the wand-thinger on my belly I saw the yolk sac and immediately saw The Bump and the little flutter…and I lost it.  started laughing and crying all at the same time.  I am filled with joy at this moment.  A joy I have never known and I cannot wait to meet this little bundle of sweetness!

But in the mean time I have been watching this on repeat…

Baby’s Heart Beat


2 thoughts on “Oooh baby baby, oohh baby baby!”

  1. You are due almost exactly 1 year after I was! We tried for 3 years ish before our little bump & I thought for sure she would be late, but came 1.5 weeks early & only hours after daddy got back in the states! Be ready!! I sure wasn’t expecting to go early since all of my ultrasounds measured right on for my due date (Oct. 24, 2012), and she came in her own stubborn way (all natural too!) on Oct. 13th! Yayy for October babies & I am so glad I found your blog!

    1. Yay! Welcome Tiffani! I actually have a due date prediction, and it’s not the 24th! I am quite certain that I am closer to 27 weeks than 25, but am going based on what the ultrasounds and MWs say for now. The Bump was a SHOCKER that’s for sure! After being told 3 years ago that the chances of being able to conceive on my own were slim to none…I had accepted that and was not expecting a positive test. But we are SO GLAD that she is on her way, and we are beyond excited to meet her and hold her! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog! I am glad you are here!!

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