Week 8: food aversions, baby belly and so long power up crops!

Today marks 8 weeks that The Bump has been growing, and often times wreaking havoc in my body. Today is no exception.

My usual morning shake tasted an awful lot like fishy lake water this morning. So down the drain it went!


That is the 4th shake in the last 3 weeks that has had a fishy after taste, and I am now at a loss as to what to do about it. I love my Isagenix, but I cannot stomach fishy anything.  And it’s not just the shakes that taste fishy.  A few weeks ago at a book-club meeting at Birchwood Cafe I ordered a turkey burger and got about 3 bites into it before the fishy taste killed it for me.  And the other day I got some provolone cheese for my work lunches and got one bite in and the yucky fishy taste set in.  Boooooooo.

The other sort of weird/interesting/annoying thing that my body is doing is the whole flat-ish tummy in the morning, and then by the end of the day BAM…big baby belly.  I know it’s a first trimester thing, but it’s so funny to watch it progress throughout the day!



I have also had to retire my 3rd pair of pants this week.  Sad…thankfully I get to wear yoga pants everyday, but it’s a bummer to have to retire those too!  I checked out Target’s maternity collection and was quite disappointed in the prices!  Really Liz Lange? $20 for a tee shirt?  Guess I’ll be hitting up some of my favorite local consignment and resale shops for great maternity stuff.  Sheesh!  Happily I have not really gained much in the weight department.  A few weeks ago I had gotten down to around 121, and this week I have been hovering around 123-124.  Not bad all in all.  But I want to keep a close eye on the weight gain, although I am completely aware and prepared for the possibility of gaining back everything I lost last year.

I have been so incredibly lucky when it comes to the morning sickness, The Bump is kind in the area.  No actual tossing of the cookies, but several close calls, including yesterday’s drive to work.  So this morning I will be putting together a little emergency kit for my car so that if The Bump ever decides to kick in the sickness into actuality I will be ready for it!  Thanks to suggestions from other mommies my kit will have baggies, plastic grocery bags, gloves, wet wipes and breath mints.


Mommies…did you have food aversions, strange after tastes, or cravings?  Ant tips for a first timer?


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