Get Lucky????

Clearly since finding out about The Bump, I’ve not been quite as active as I have been in the last year.  In January I registered for the Get Lucky Triple 7k (half marathon) that is to take place this Saturday…AKA tomorrow.  And I seriously neglected my training due in part to a total lack of energy.  And motivation.  And well…more excuses than that.  So i am undecided at this point whether I should go out and “Get Lucky”.  I could walk it, but walking 13 miles sounds like no fun.  Been there, it was awesome at the end but not so much at the beginning or in the middle.  But my main concern is the weather.  If it is cold and yucky…I am staying put in my bed fo sho…however if it’s sunny and nice, and not freezing I am considering heading out there to get my money’s worth at least.  I want that bling!

But the big point is I cannot continue to push off my exercise and place blame on a little button that has yet to arrive in this world.  I mean, I can say “the baby did it/made me do it” to things like buying ice cream, and farting…but not for things like eating crap and not exercising.

So I need to revise my exercise plan, and potentially meet with a trainer to tailor a plan for me to use for the next 8 months in order to keep my active lifestyle and not gain an obscene amount of weight.  I know the plan will have lots of walking, and some running outside this summer with TAJ like last year, and lots of yoga!  I will miss the hot yoga, as I love the sweat that comes with hot yoga.

What did you do to stay active during pregnancy?  Did you stick to your regular routine, or did you create a whole new one?


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