Week 8: Let’s talk Baby Acne…

There is a sad, and upsetting side effect of making a human.

Acne.  Pregnancy acne.

And the worst part of this acne, is that you should not use the usual remedies for acne, like salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide, not that those EVER worked for me.  Because they can have negative effects on the growing baby.  So of course this is the one area where The Bump is causing the most upset.  I have always struggled with acne, and have since I was a teenager.  Once in a while I would get a “lull” as I would call it and have a few days, maybe even two weeks of clear-ish skin.

But these last 4 weeks or so have been the worst I have had in years.  I can cover it up for work, as I have to face people, lots of people everyday at work.  But I know that the make-up is only adding to the problem, but I just cannot bring myself to go bare faced to work in a retail store.

And my acne is not just a few white heads…I get very painful cystic acne, blackheads, and white heads all over my face.  Even in areas where I never, ever breakout like my forehead.  Even my chest and back are now joining the pimple party.  I try to not let it get me down, but this is supposed to be a glowing time for me!  I selfishly want to be the beautiful glowy pregnant woman that I see on tv, and in magazines.  I know that’s a lie…but hey a girl can dream.

So I did some research and found a few natural, chemical free options to try and the first in line is a new product from Cetaphil.  No harsh chemicals, plus with a little oil control it should help with the overage in oil my skin is producing thanks to the extra hormones.  I also got the moisturizer as well and use this twice per day.  Once it’s gone, if the acne has not subsided I’ll move on to something else, like witch hazel, calamine lotion or toothpaste…  Hoping that this will help out some.  I also use vitamin E oil to help sooth the super dry areas on my face, and to speed the healing process on the ones that are on their way out.



I do have some bad facial habits that I need to break…but old habits die hard.  I touch my face too much…so that is one of the first habits that I need to kick to the curb.  And the other is the picking.  I cannot help myself…as a tween I wasn’t told not to…and it has gotten totally out of control as I have gotten older.  I may need to shell out for regular facials in order to head off some of these breakouts.  And I know that cleaning my brushes is key…however that takes way too much time, so I just replace my concealer brush on a weekly basis as they are $1 at Target.  And I use a sponge to put on foundation so as not to touch my face.

I have heard that there is an old wives tale about acne and having a boy as acne is related to the hormone testosterone, and well…boys are full of it.

Do you have any pregnancy related acne cures to share?  Did you get pregnancy acne?  How did you deal or combat it?










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