Week 8: Training with The Bump

After lots of research I have finally completed a training plan that The Bump and I can both agree on!  Well…that remains to be seen I guess!  The Bump decides most things these days, as he/she will once they arrive.

Training with The Bump


I most likely will not be able to do all of this every day, but at least I have a plan that I can follow and some options to choose from. I love having options and it will really depend on the day, and how I feel.  I have been active pre-pregnancy and intend on staying active through my pregnancy.  I will not use The Bump as an excuse to not workout.  I’ve not gained any weight as I enter week 9, which is great.  And I’d like not to pack on the pounds as the months go on.  But most of that depends on the eating part…as I sit here with a Kit-Kat Bar and ruffle chips and Top The Tater sour cream…

I do allow myself a few indulgences a week, but mostly because I denied myself them for so long that I feel like I deserve a reward!  I do however eat very healthy generally but The Bump calls for sweets and junk that I don’t normally buy and I need to start saying no again.  I know once I start buying soda that it’s all gone to hell.  But that will not happen.

I spent a long time getting my metabolism humming along and I’d like to keep it that way.  I said goodbye to that nasty number on the scale last January, and I do not intend on seeing it again…unless by some awesome miracle I am growing not one but two humans, it won’t appear on the scale again.

Did you stay active while +1?  Did you have favorite workouts?  Tips or advice to share?


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