Week 9: 1st Midwife Appointment

Yesterday The Bump and I had our first midwife appointment.  We got a check up head to toe and all is well.  But it sounds like she is not 100% sure that I am 9 weeks; I got the feeling that she thinks I could be slightly farther along than that.  But she didn’t say as much.

The midwife s the sweetest lil ole lady and that make me so happy.  I love that a little Grammy is going to help bring The Bump into this world!  I wish I’d taken a picture…but next time!

We tried to listen for The Bump’s heartbeat again, but no luck.  It’s still a bit early for that if I am in fact right at 9 weeks.  But I am not worried, because I have seen it on the screen…so I am going to wait for that moment where I get to hear it for the first time!

Speaking of the screen, we have another ultrasound on April 10th.  When we first had talked about the 2nd ultrasound she had said it should be sometime in the middle of May, but after my exam, she said we should splurge and do an additional ultrasound sooner.  Which, of course, it the best way to make a pregnant lady nervous.  I am almost certain that it has to do with my past medical history as we discussed my diagnosis and the surgery from 3 years ago.  Just to check it all out and make sure there is nothing going on that would effect The Bump.

Weight wise, still looking good and I have not gained really at all, since I was bouncing between 124 and 121 in the weeks before The Bump arrived.

Our next appointment will be the week after the ultrasound and I am so excited to hear all of the awesome things going on with The Bump!


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