Wedding Wednesday: Baby Moon and….

Baby Moon and…wedding and Honey Moon all in one trip!

That is right folks!  TAJ and I are getting hitched in Vegas on our Baby Moon next month!

vegas engagement collage

Yeah I know I said we were NOT having a shotgun wedding, but I would be marrying this man regardless of The Bump or not.  So we let our family know yesterday, and the phone has been ringing off the hook pretty much ever since.  Everyone is so excited about this, and excited for us.  My new In-Laws are moving mountains to be there, coming in from all over the country on short notice to welcome me into their family.  I am truly blessed.

It’s going to be awesome, and beautiful….and in 5 weeks too!  Holy crap!

There is much to do in 5 weeks!  TAJ’s ring, vows, venue (in progress), ohhh yeah, and a DRESS!  I won’t be making my dress for this occasion, as 5 weeks is just not enough time, and The Bump complicates things a bit.

So Friday…dress shopping!!


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