Wedding Wednesday: Dress(es)

When TAJ and I got engaged in September, I decided right away that I would be making my dress.  But at that time I was not plus one, and the dress plan was fairly simple.  But The Bump has complicated the dress situation a little.  So I decided that buying a dress would be the best plan for the short time we have until we leave for Las Vegas.

But you know life does not always go as planned…

Here is the dress I bought…


I thought it was PERFECT, it was exactly what I wanted, simple, elegant, and no hemming required.   Not to mention the price!   But then…

dress refund

After the seller marked the dress as shipped…3 days after she told me it was on it’s way she decided to actually look for it and then realized she didn’t have it.  Needless to say I was very unhappy, and freaking out!  So back to the drawing board.  I scoured Etsy again, Ebay, ModCloth, and Pinterest for any ideas for cheap dresses…under $100 was the budget as that is what I figured making my dress would cost.  I did find a great dress on Etsy, but her lead time was 6-8 weeks and well, we only had 4.

So I would be making the dress after all!  Back to Pinterest for this one!

I found this great tutorial from Sew Like My Mom for an infinity dress, and figured with a few minor changes I could get a wedding dress out of it.  So I hit the fabric store and got the goods.  I spent $34 on Nike Lycra and thread.  I love S.R. Harris!!

Dress form

Plus I finally got to bust out the dress form!

I followed the tutorial, but obviously I wanted a much longer skirt than the tutorial dress had, so I got to it making the pattern.


But the fabric was not wide enough for me to do a seamless circle skirt, so I had to cut 3 panels.  But the circle skirt gathers so much, the seams are pretty much invisible!

skirt panels

Then I set to it making the waist band, and the straps.  I cut the straps quite wide, because I wasn’t sure if the 10″-11″ would cover the huge bubbies I now have thanks to The Bump.  So I cut them at 14″, and after I was able to put it on quickly realized that was way too wide.  So I will need to cut that bulk out.  And a little hemming in the front is also required.


All wrapped up!

I keep trying it on…and I just feel very, very, very big.  But I hope that once I cut the bulk out of the straps that it will not look so bulky.

But I have also returned to Ebay to make sure that I have a back-up…just incase I still don’t love the dress once we get closer to the date.


Did you have any dress fiascos during your wedding?


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