Week 12: Ultrasound #2

On Wednesday TAJ (AKA The Hubs-to-be!) had our second ultrasound for The Bump!  It was so amazing to see how The Bump had changed!

Week 7

The Bump

Week 12

The Bump

But first I must explain the visit…my midwife scheduled this appointment, and did not explain what exactly they would be doing.  Her exact words were “Let’s splurge on an extra ultrasound”.  Well, The Bump show is my favorite show, and I said yes.  But when we showed up for the appointment we were greeted by a Genetic Counselor.  Needless to say, I was immediately anxious and freaking out.  I knew what the appointment was, but I had no idea that this is what we were doing.  So I am a little pissed that the midwife chose not to tell me what the appointment was for.

Anyway, this was a screening ultrasound…and heehee…The Bump was so not cooperative!  The Bump danced, and bounced, stood on their head, flipped and flopped!  The Bump had their chin tucked so the Tech was not able to take the measurements that they were there to get.

The Bump

The Bump waved us away, and stretched their little legs…once I saw them moving around I started to giggle…and I could not stop!

But the best part…was hearing their heartbeat for the first time.  It was the single most beautiful sound that I have ever heard in my entire life.  It was magical.

While we could not see the gender at this point, I am confident in my original guess that The Bump is a …

Naw…not gonna tell.

The Bump

Is it just me, or is The Bump sticking their tongue out at us?


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