Obsessed! Customize your iPhone!

I’ve been a proud iPhone owner for awhile now, switching over from a Blackberry last year.  I seriously love my iPhone.  Love it.  But it’s kinda boring, and I wanted to customize it.  But everything is pretty much standard on every single phone.


So I hunted, and hunted…and then turned to Pinterest…The original pin that I found was sort of confusingly and it took me a long time to get through all the information and what I thought the process was.  So, after playing round for a while I finally figured it out…and I know you wanna know how to do it!

First, you will need to go to the App store and download the app “Cocoppa.”  It’s free…I love free apps!

When you have the app downloaded and open it…


I’m pretty sure that this app came from  Japan because a lot of the apps are in Japanese   However, there are lots of English apps…and you can name them whatever ya want.
Let’s do an easy app like Facebook first.  Select “Icons” from the top,  where it reads: “Icons” “Wallpapers” and “Stamps.”  “Icons” will be in dark pink if selected.
Next, scroll down all the way to the search box at the bottom.    So, let’s search for “Facebook” icons.
On the next page, you’ll see lots of icons.  Find your favorite, and that could take scrolling through lots pages to decide on one, and click on it.
Once you’ve clicked on it, it should take you to a new screen.  Click on the button that says “Setup link.”
Next, you’ll be setting up the app to go with your new icon.  Since I’m using an app that I downloaded from the App Store, I want to hit “App Search.”
App search
Now, of course Facebook is super popular so it’s one of the first ones up.  You can also search for your app in the search bar too.  Click on the Facebook icon.
Next screen, you’ll put the name of your app in the box and hit “OK.”
Next, the next screen will be in Safari to be able to add it to your home screen.  Hit “Yes” when the box pops up asking you to go to Safari.
After you hit yes, it will take you to a new Safari page.  You’ll want to hit the “Share” button at the bottom to be able to add the icon.
A box will pop up.  Select the icon that says “Add to Home Screen.”
Name the app whatever you like…
And ta-da!!  There it is, lovies.  Your much cooler, new personalized icon.
AAAnnd after…
WARNING:  You do have to keep your old icon for you to still have the actual app.  So I put all of my old icons together in a folder.  If you don’t know how to do that, hold any icon until is starts to shake, and then drag 2 icons together and they will go into a folder…you can name the folder whatever you want; although the iPhone does give it a name for you.
Now, this post will be one of two explaining how to customize your iPhone with this app.  Use this post to download new icons for any app you’ve downloaded from the App Store.
In post #2, I’ll explain how to do the icons for some of the items that came pre-downloaded on your phone like your Music, Photos, Safari, etc…
Have fun!!

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