Saying goodbye sucks

The Amazing Jeff and I had to make a really hard decision this week about one of our fur babies…

Asuka has been having some pretty serious medical issues lately.  She went through a very invasive surgery last fall and we thought the vet had fixed the issue; however the issue has returned and we don’t want to see her go through another surgery again, and potentially more.

Auska sleeping


So in a few short hours we will be saying goodbye to my sweet baby.  I cry everytime I think about coming home and not seeing her, no more morning snuggles, and no more belly rubs.  I have ever ever been this attached to a pet, and mostly for this reason.  I have loved pets before, but never have I let myself get too attached.

I love this little baby so much.  She is sweet, and affectionate and the best cat I’ve ever had.

cow spots


My dear sweet fur baby…we love and we will miss you.  You cannot ever be replaced in our hearts.


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