A letter to my unborn baby…

The Bump



My perfect little miracle,

I know one day you’ll ask where babies come from, or where you came from and I will tell you how much you were wanted and loved before you were even conceived.  I will tell you that word of your arrival was a big surprise to us, but that your Mommy & Daddy  were so very happy and impatiently awaited your debut in this world.  I will of course, tell you the actual explanation when I feel that you are old enough to understand it.  I will show you the photos of how you grew in my tummy and how I held you close to my heart for 9 long months until you were strong enough to be in my arms.

But before you enter this world I want to promise you that you are always loved.  No matter what you do, I promise to love you unconditionally.  There is nothing that could ever change that.  There isn’t anything that you could do that would make me love you less.  Even when you are a teenager and you tell me that you hate me.  Always know that you should never doubt that you are loved.  No one will ever know the depth of my love for you, afterall you are the only one that knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.

I promise that I will never intentionally hurt you, physically or emotionally.  You are a piece of my heart and when you hurt, I hurt.  I will never make you feel stupid, or worthless.  I will never humiliate you, well…I may embarrass you from time to time but never hurtfully.

I promise to stand up for you when you cannot, I will always have your back, and I will stand behind every decision that you make for your life.  I may not always agree with every decision that you make, but you will always have my support; even if it means that I am left out.  If ever you feel that you do not have my support please know that I am always here to listen.  Even if what you say hurts me, I promise to listen before I speak.

I promise to be at every school event, choir concert, band concert, play, dance recital, or game that you are in.  I will probably be the loudest, most obnoxious person in the audience or stands, but just know that I will always be your biggest cheerleader and your biggest fan.

I promise to raise you right, you will learn manners, and respect.  I promise to teach you how to be a gentleman, or lady and treat people the way you want to be treated.  I promise to teach you, mentor you, coach you and point you in the right direction in life but I will never tell you how to live your life.  We aren’t given a roadmap for life…you make your own.  I will teach you to appreciate what you have, and to not take advantage of people.  I will help you to learn the meaning of a hard day’s work, and the value of a dollar.  I will spoil you with love, but not with material possessions.

I promise that you will not live the life I did.  I promise that your childhood will be filled with wonderful, beautiful memories.  I will sacrifice for you, and I will never let you sacrifice for me.  I will never put you in danger, and I will never raise my hand in anger.  I promise I will love you until the end of time.


Your Mother


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