Krysty’s Closet

Over the last year and a half I have lost nearly 40 pounds, and now will be a mother in just a few short months!

I have, for some odd reason, hung onto most of all of my “fat clothes”, or clothes that I thought would fit during the process of losing weight that I never got around to altering…and while working at lululemon I acquired a large stockpile of clothes that I no longer need since I am not spending 40 hours a week in them.

So Krysty’s Closet was born!



Krystyscloset header FB


I have created a Facebook page to sell all of these great clothes that I can no longer wear or use, because after using sites like Copious, and not getting paid or Poshmark where you can only use the app from your phone…and that means tiny grainy photos that don’t do the items justice, I decided that I didn’t want to waste my time or money paying someone else tons of listing fees.

So check it out, and come shop in my closet!


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