Ab & Squat Challenges!

Hello there!  And welcome to my little corner of the bloggosphere!  This post has been one of my most popular and I am so glad that you dropped by to check it out!  While you’re here check out some of my other awesome challenges like the Big Booty Challenge, a set of circuits aimed and raising your rear; the plank challenge, a 10 day  core and endurance challenge or the 11 week bikini boot camp!


A gal pal of mine is hell bent on saying goodbye to 70 pounds by January, and she is taking on these two challenges to help her achieve her goals!  She was kind enough to share them with me!  She’s been kicking but with Isagenix, and I’ve seen her progress so far and I am so excited for her!

You may remember I did a Big Booty Challenge, and Plank Challenge, last fall, so these two challenges are very similar to those.

Here they are…


30 Day ab challenge

And Squat

30 day squat challenge

I am starting these two challenges today, and I will be involving The Hubby so that we keep each other accountable!  I have been itching to run…but every time I plan a run…BOOM morning sickness, so no run.

So I will take some before and after photos and measurements and post at the end of the challenge, but as far as the ab challenge…well…you can guess that I won’t be boasting a 6-pack after this challenge!  I mostly just want to A.)  Avoid stretch marks, and B.) Ensure that I can get my pre-pregnancy abs back, as I was so close to a 4 pack when I got pregnant.


8 thoughts on “Ab & Squat Challenges!”

    1. I saw great results after doing both of these! I didn’t post before and after photos…but I totally should have!

    1. It’s the beginning position of a push up. Check youtube for video instruction on this, as form is crucial so as not to cause injury or put unnecessary strain on your back.

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