Happy Expectant Mother’s Day to me!

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day, well expectant mother’s day that is!  The Hubby and I met my sister-in-law and nephew and niece for lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I became a member of the clean plate club!  I was starving by the time we got our food…and very happy for maternity pants!!

Mothers Day 2013 001


Mothers Day 2013 002

My nephew Justin is getting so tall!  He is close to 6 inches taller than me!  We spent the majority of the lunch talking 3D printing, robotics and design.  Justin is quite a talented artist, and I see great things in his future!


Mothers Day 2013 003


Little Rhianna isn’t so little anymore!  She will be 2 next month!  She is getting quite chatty these days too!  She loves her Uncle Jeffey, and Aunt Kishy.  I got awesome squishy baby time yesterday, and I was in dire need too!  I cannot wait to have squishy baby time with The Bump!!  Hurry up Bump!!!


Mothers Day 2013 004

I have no idea what this game is called, but we all played and tried to prove out genius and get down to one peg!  Justin and I got done to 2…so I felt pretty smart.

Mothers Day 2013 005



I am so excited to be a part of the coolest sisterhood on the planet…Motherhood!!

Now to start planning something super fun for Father’s day!! 🙂


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