DIY: maternity Pants

Yay! Another DIY!

Maternity pants DIY

And a money saving one at that!!  I must be frugal these days as we are back to a one income household.

I am slowly quickly outgrowing my regular clothing, so I cleaned out my closet and set aside a few pairs of jeans that I love, but that I can no longer wear thanks to The Bump.


So I got my favorite pair…and some seriously cheap knit from Hancock Fabrics…I love the remnant bin! I scored both of these rolls for $2.08! sweet!


Then I (nervously) cut the waistband off, and cut the zipper out.

20130514-175345.jpg      20130514-175352.jpg

Next, I tacked the pockets down and the zipper flap.

20130514-175400.jpg      20130514-175407.jpg

Then I got to making the band. I measured the band of the only other maternity jeans that I have, and that band is only 6″, and I thought I could use one just a bit longer for those later months, as I will be making the bump still at the end of October. So I made it 10″, and then measured my waist, close to my hips, then subtracted 2″ as I wanted that band to be snug.

20130514-175415.jpg      20130514-175422.jpg

To make the band, sew it right sides together along the long (width) side and then flip right sides out. Next sew the short (height) ends together using a zig zag stitch. I also tacked down the raw edge to keep it from driving me nuts. But then I ended up attaching it with the zig zag seam out to keep it from irritating my skin.

Next, attach the band to the jeans with that long seam matching up to the raw edge of the jeans, and pin in place. Then sew using a zig zag stitch. Remember that a zig zag stitch is the stretchiest, and you are going to want these to grow with you!

20130514-175429.jpg      20130514-175436.jpg

And the finished product! I am overjoyed to be able to wear my favorite jeans again!!

20130514-175443.jpg     20130514-175450.jpg


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